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With numerous challenges over the past several years for producers, we at Mercer Landmark understand the need for a comprehensive risk management solution. We seek to provide our customers with unparalleled service to ensure maximum results.

By~ Jeff Prickett
Plant Health University
By Jeff Prickett
Greetings from Mercer Landmark! We recently held a “Plant Health University” meeting for our growers in some areas. This was a joint meeting put on by Bayer Crop Science and Winfield United. I thought it would be valuable to share the highlights of this meeting with those who couldn’t attend. Plant health and disease control is a key part of crop management that can take our yields to the next level and add valuable bushels to our bottom line.
Here are the highlights from Plant Health University Meeting:
Fungicide “University” Notes
Three most common sites of action:
1. Strobilurin (Group 11) – Preventative – need to be applied prior to disease presence.
a. Lots of similarities between strobilurin chemistries.
b. Broad spectrum of disease activity.
c. Good residual activity
d. Improves plant health, reduces stress, maximizes limited resources.
e. Slow “battery drain” of mitochondria of disease pathogen.
2. Triazoles (Group 3) – Mostly curative. Control disease.
a. Any lesions will remain, but disease will be stopped.
b. Greater variation among triazoles in spectrum of control and length of residual.
c. Cell destruction by “exploding” cell walls of disease pathogen.
d. Some control quicker, some last longer.
3. SDHI (Group 7) – The specialist. Also preventative
a. SDHIs tend to be really good at a few diseases.
b. Targeted for key diseases
Products with effective curative and preventative activity are recommended for resistance management.
Be sure the product you are choosing has activity on the diseases you are targeting.
Target corn hybrids with known disease issues to maximize ROI. (High response to fungicide scores).
Mercer Landmark Fungicide Yield Trials show a 5 year average soybean yield increase of approx. 4bu/ac.
Partner soybean fungicide applications with an insecticide like Leverage 360 or Grizzly Too to increase consistency and yield increase. Mercer Landmark Fungicide plus Insecticide Yield Trials show a 5 year average soybean yield increase of approx. 5.29bu/ac
Mercer Landmark Fungicide Yield Trials show a 5 year average corn yield increase of approx. 13.15bu/ac.
Utilize foliar nutrition products in conjunction with your fungicide application to help the plant maximize limited resources based on tissue sampling.
Applying fungicides ahead of dry weather can positively impact yields by reducing plant stress during drought periods.

For more information concerning plant health and disease management, please feel free to reach out to any of us agronomy staff here at Mercer Landmark. We have the knowledge and experience to help you make the right decision and product selection for your specific situation. We are here to help! Have a safe spring!

Jeff Prickett – CCA
Mercer Landmark
Agronomy Sales/Trusted Advisor

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