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With numerous challenges over the past several years for producers, we at Mercer Landmark understand the need for a comprehensive risk management solution. We seek to provide our customers with unparalleled service to ensure maximum results.

~By: Rick Mollenkopf

A lot of corn is emerging around here from fields planted a couple weeks ago.  Since then, the weather has been rather ugly keeping the sprayers out of the fields.  Uh oh!  Don’t have your corn residual herbicides sprayed yet?  Not to worry.  Fortunately, several residual herbicides for corn are labeled for applications after crop emergence, with a few exceptions.  See the table below for a listing of popular residual corn herbicides and the corn stage by which the application is to be made.

Some residual corn herbicides will not control emerged weeds.  If the corn is Roundup Ready, check the label for the addition of PowerMAX or WeatherMAX to the spray mix to help control emerged weeds.  Also, once corn has emerged, this eliminates the use of a fertilizer carrier such as UAN (28%N) with the herbicide.  However, Degree Xtra (alone or tank mixed with atrazine) can be applied in water or UAN as the carrier once the corn has emerged.  Leaf burn may occur with this application.

Check the label for use on corn types other than field corn. Follow label guidelines and restrictions before applying any herbicide.

Please contact your local Mercer Landmark agronomist for more details.

Herbicide Corn Stage
Acuron* prior to 12 inches
Acuron Flexi* up to V8
Atrazine up to 12 inches
Anthem ATZ up through V4
Balance Flexx up to V2
Balance PRO DO NOT apply after corn emergence
Bicep II Magnum up to 12 inches
Corvus up to V2
Degree Xtra up to 11 inches
Harness Xtra 5.6L up to 11 inches
Hornet up to 2 inches
Instigate up through V2
Keystone NXT up to 11 inches
Lumax/Lexar up to 12 inches
Prequel DO NOT apply after corn emergence
SureStart II up to 11 inches
TripleFLEX II up to 11 inches
Verdict or Sharpen DO NOT apply after corn emergence
Zidua up to V4

*Do not apply Acuron/Acuron Flexi to emerged sweet corn or yellow popcorn

Please check with local sales team member with any Questions

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