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With numerous challenges over the past several years for producers, we at Mercer Landmark understand the need for a comprehensive risk management solution. We seek to provide our customers with unparalleled service to ensure maximum results.

By: Ben Stoller- Mercer Landmark Agronomist

  1. Timing: Plant after the Hessian Fly-free date in your county, but ideally within 10 days of that date (OSU). Some fly-free dates for area counties:
    1. Paulding: September 24
    2. Van Wert: September 26
    3. Mercer: September 27
  2. Depth:
    1. Ohio State University researchers recommend planting 1.5” deep.  They contend shallow planting increases risk of low tiller numbers and high winter kill due to ‘heaving’.
    2. Purdue researchers recommend planting ¾”-1 ¼” deep.
    3. Bayer CropScience recommends no less than 1 ¼” deep.
  3. Fertility:
    1. Nitrogen: OSU recommends applying 20-30 pounds of actual Nitrogen per acre at planting to promote early tillering.  This would equate to 95-143 pounds of Ammonium Sulfate.  Apply remaining N between spring green-up and jointing (Feekes 6.0).
      1. i.      Question on how much N to apply for a specific yield goal? Use the following equation from Purdue:
        1. 1. N lbs./acre= 40+[1.75 X (yield potential-50)]
    2. Phosphorus: Soil levels should be maintained between 50-80 pounds/acre.  For soils testing less than 50 pounds/acre, apply 80-100 pounds of P2O5 (154-190 pounds of MAP, 11-52-0). 
    3. Potassium: Potassium needs are based on soil CEC (cation exchange capacity).  Maintain levels for soils in the ranges below:
      1. i.      10 meq: 200 lbs/acre
      2. ii.      20 meq: 240 lbs/acre
      3. iii.      30 meq: 280 lbs/acre
        1. i. With low soil test levels, add 100-200 pounds of K20 (170-335 pounds of Potash).
    4. Soil ph: Should range from 6.3-7.0 (OSU).

Contact your Mercer Landmark agronomist for details on our Wheat Health Program and how we can help you maximize your wheat production.

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