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Anna Kaverman

Mercer Landmark

Easter is right around the corner and like any holiday I find myself reminiscing about past holidays when I was growing up. I remember the first time I saw the Easter Bunny. The pictures are there to prove the like most children I screamed. I kind of miss hiding and finding Easter eggs.  As a child I always remember getting so excited when my sister, brother’s and I would find and open all those colorful little plastic (we didn’t use real eggs) shells to see what sweet treat waited inside. (We never had enough eggs to hold all the candy so dad got all the extras!) Of course as we got older the Easter bunny had to be trickier about where to hide them. We knew all the usual spots so the game had to move outdoors. Like a pack of hound dogs on the trail of an escaped prisoner we would eventfully locate them all.

This was the fun part of Easter. The one thing all of my siblings, cousins and I alike agree that we will never forget though is my uncle Jack. Now, I will warn you this is kind of a cruel prank to play on children, so please don’t think we are a mean family, but we will never forget it. I can’t remember exactly how old I was but I remember one Easter my Uncle Jack brought a fluffy rabbit tale into the house and told all of us kids that he shot the Easter bunny. Talk about traumatizing. Needless to say we still talk about this every Easter. Now that Jack is a grandpa we always tease him and ask him if he is going to do the same thing to his grandchildren. Can you believe that he says no? No matter how traumatizing our experiences may be, every family has their own memories and own traditions. But as Easter draws near, let us not forget the real reason behind it and that it celebrating our savior rising from dead.

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