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Archive for April, 2017

By~Ryan Edwards

It was quoted by Leonardo da Vinci that we know less about the soil than we do the stars and space beyond in the 1500′s. Even though about 500 years have come and went since then there is still much to learn about the soil that provides life and nutrition to us. Everything we do in the field directly or indirectly affects the living organisms in the environment, especially in relation to carbon. As time progresses we learn that multiple applications of fertility in the soil and plant tissue can be more beneficial. As the growing season commences consider using additional options to provide that balance of nutrition the crops and soil need in conjunction to maximize yield. See your local Mercer Landmark representative to discuss more options in developing a plan.

By~Amy Hayes

Although spring is here and most grower’s chemical programs and plans are in place there are still many questions surrounding the Roundup Ready 2 Xtend cropping system, as well as misinformation being shared in the market place. Below I have outlined a few highlights and changes that have occurred over the last few weeks regarding Xtendimax herbicide requirements.

As you know, Xtendimax™ is a new herbicide from Monsanto containing dicamba and VaporGrip Technology, which reduces the volatility of dicamba. Currently Xtendimax herbicide has 3 labels. The main label (Section 3 label) is very similar to the Clarity label with no buffer zones or tank mix restrictions. The second label is the Supplemental Label- For preemergence and post emergence use on Roundup Ready 2 Xtend Soybeans, and the third is a supplemental label for use on Bollgard II Xtendflex Cotton. For this article I am focusing on the supplemental label for Xtend Soybeans.

Label Restrictions-
When applying Xtendimax near sensitive areas it is critical to remember the DOWNWIND buffer requirements:
-22 oz/ac of Xtendimax requires a 110 foot buffer zone
-44 oz/ac of Xtendimax requires a 220 foot buffer zone
Exceptions to the buffer zone include roads (paved or gravel), planted fields of corn, dicamba tolerant cotton or soybeans, small grains, sorghum, proso millet, sugarcane, fields that have been PREPPED for planting, and areas covered by the footprint of a building, silo, or other man made structure with a wall or roof. Lastly, DO NOT apply Xtendimax when wind is blowing in the direction of neighboring specialty crops such as tomatoes, flowers, ornamentals, and various other crops.

The number of nozzles approved for the application process over the last few months has grown from 1 to 20 nozzles, which are listed below along with their restricted operating pressure.
You will notice that all of the approved nozzles produce extra/ultra-coarse droplets, which can potentially lead to challenges such as droplets missing the target, bouncing off the target (leaf surface), and less coverage (may cause contact herbicide/fungicides to be less effective). To help improve droplet size, reduce drift, and improve deposition there are several adjuvants we can utilize from the WinField United portfolio that are approved to be tank mixed with Xtendimax. For a complete list of approved herbicides, DRA’s, and adjuvants CLICK HERE.

Upon viewing the list in the link above you will notice certain products CANNOT be tank mixed with Xtendimax UNLESS those products are tank mixed with a DRA (Drift-Reduction Agent). Currently there are only 3 DRA’s approved for tank mix options, one being AG16098 from WinField United. The primary benefit of AG16098 is the ability to improve efficacy of new dicamba herbicides through the TTI nozzle by improving drift control, droplet spreading, and canopy deposition.

It is crucial that we strictly follow the label requirements to ensure the continued use and efficacy of this technology for the coming years. Currently we are under a 2 year timeline after which the EPA will review the Xtendimax label and make changes. If you are considering or planning on utilizing Xtendimax herbicide on your farm talk with your local Mercer Landmark Agronomy Sales Representative today to ensure proper application.