Blogging by the Bushel
With numerous challenges over the past several years for producers, we at Mercer Landmark understand the need for a comprehensive risk management solution. We seek to provide our customers with unparalleled service to ensure maximum results.

By~Amy Hayes As we put together 2017 Cropping Plans with local growers we have continued to have discussions regarding the Liberty Link system as a different option for tough to control, glyphosate resistant weeds. Along with marestail and giant ragweed being consistent problem weeds across our area, waterhemp has also made a comeback, and if [...]

By~ Ben Stoller A recent Ohio Farmer article on intensive wheat management reviews some practices a North Dakota farmer will not discontinue-despite discouraging wheat prices.  While some of his practices are commonly implemented in our geography, there are some that may not be as utilized: Treating Seed: while many treat seed with a fungicide and/or [...]

By~ Brad Miller I have been receiving several questions on Roundup Xtend program and the Xtendimax Herbicide which has finally been registered by the EPA.  To help plan for next year this is what we know at this time.  Xtendimax still has to be registered at the state level.   There are several restrictions listed on [...]

Donald Trump’s election to the presidency and Republican majorities in both chambers of Congress mean more than a simple change of scenery. Producers can expect policies of a far different nature than those of President Obama’s administration, and those policies could have major implications for farming, says Jim Wiesemeyer, senior vice president, Washington Bureau, Informa [...]

By~ Jeff Prickett As I have visited with farmers about their upcoming seed decisions, one thing that has become apparent is there is still some confusion about traits. Agrisure, Herculex, Optimum, Yieldgard/Genuity, Roundup Ready 2 are a few trait terms you might hear when pricing seed corn.  As you price and compare seed products, please [...]

By~ Rick Mollenkopf With all the great yields that have been reported this fall we are also seeing the LOWEST pricing on all fertilizers for fall and spring that we have seen in quite a few years so let’s take advantage of this opportunity and rebuild or maintain our fields for a great start in [...]

By~ Steve Hecker After crops are off it is the perfect time to take soil samples, fertilize for next year’s crops, plan for next year, and spray burndown in corn stalks. When we get our samples back we have our Agronomist help us determine what rates of nutrients we need on that field, and if [...]

By~Brian Mitchem As we harvest the 2016 crop it is advisable to evaluate and note critical observations so to better plan for success in 2017. With corn be sure to fully evaluate late season plant health for both grain and stalk quality. To evaluate stalk quality in hybrids pinch the lower node above the ground [...]

By~Amy Hayes Green stem syndrome in soybeans is prevalent throughout our trade area this year. Although there isn’t an exact cause of green stem syndrome, factors such as viruses and environmental conditions can influence the severity. According to Monsanto, “Green stem syndrome occurs when soybean pods and seeds mature but the stem remains green. When [...]

By~Jeff Prickett Fall is a great time to start planning for weed control for the 2017 crop year. As you harvest your crops, please take note of any weed escapes in your fields and take note of what kinds of weeds are present. Please also note weed escapes in your neighboring fields because there is [...]