Blogging by the Bushel
With numerous challenges over the past several years for producers, we at Mercer Landmark understand the need for a comprehensive risk management solution. We seek to provide our customers with unparalleled service to ensure maximum results.

By~ Alex Fullenkamp Many farmers are planning to plant Xtend traited soybeans this year.  Some are doing it to make their burn down applications easier.  Some are planting them because they tried everything to control Waterhemp and other problem weeds in crop last year, and it simply did not work.  Then there is another group [...]

By~ Amy Hayes I am starting to sound like a broken record, however I have been having daily conversations with growers about preventing and controlling the rapidly growing waterhemp throughout the Mercer Landmark territory. Previously I had written about waterhemp biology, how to differentiate between palmer, waterhemp, and pigweed species, and the prolific seed production [...]

By~ Ryan Edwards The previous summer was dry in 2016, with late August rains, causing some variability in grain production at harvest. Early varieties of corn had already begun to mature with rains providing later planted and full season varieties the most benefit with respect to grain fill. The variability in grain fill made grain [...]

By~ Ben Stoller As growers continue to seek ways to limit crop production expenses and increase production per acre, the agronomy team at Mercer Landmark also searches for ways to assist.  One solution: pre-pay or finance chemicals before February 1. Paying or financing crop protection products before February 1 gives growers the opportunity to obtain [...]

By~ Brad Miller With waterhemp now in our area I get asked how to control it.  Ohio State recommends using a residual before planting such as Metribuzin, Valor XLT, Sonic, Boundary or the Authority products. And use different modes of action such as Liberty, Flexstar, Cobra, Xtendmax or Engenia  post to help with weed resistance.  [...]

By~ Jeff Prickett As I visit with farmers about their upcoming starter fertilizer needs for corn, I have had a few questions arise about starter fertilizer. Questions such as: What is the best fertilizer for 2”x2” placement? How much 28%N can I run in a 2”x2” placement situation? If I have high P levels, do [...]

By~ Rick Mollenkopf What are we talking about ?    That is how many days we have to get our farms and fields ready for 2017. Another year is coming quick and in that time we have those fields to put fertilizer on , wheat top dress, corn seed in the barns, and seed beans on [...]

By~ Steve Heckler Did you know some weed seeds can lie dormant in the soil for more than a century or longer and then sprout when conditions are right? Understanding weed seeds and their lifespan is critical because that means if a single weed is allowed to go to seed, you may be battling the [...]

Trading is winding down for 2016, and what a year it’s been. From the first opening bell in January, volatility reigned supreme as one surprise after another rocked the markets. Some of the news was good for grain prices, and some bad, in a year that was anything but dull. Here’s a look at 10 [...]

By~ Brian Mitchem Fall of 2016 allowed many farmers to apply lime, dry fertilizer and litter in a timely manner. Year over year macro nutrient prices have been favorable at the farm and Mercer customers took advantage with a good fall. With crop and livestock commodity prices also declining from previous levels the decisions for [...]