Blogging by the Bushel
With numerous challenges over the past several years for producers, we at Mercer Landmark understand the need for a comprehensive risk management solution. We seek to provide our customers with unparalleled service to ensure maximum results.

By~Jeff Prickett Fall is a great time to start planning for weed control for the 2017 crop year. As you harvest your crops, please take note of any weed escapes in your fields and take note of what kinds of weeds are present. Please also note weed escapes in your neighboring fields because there is [...]

By~ Rick Mollenkopf You have asked for it and now here it is.  The best pricing on seed for this coming crop year is here and available at Mercer Landmark branches now.  Croplan, Asgrow, Dekalb, NK, and Mycogen  have early order DISCOUNTS  now through mid November.  Call or visit any of the Mercer Landmark sales [...]

By~ Steve Hecker Late summer moisture has allowed weeds to get established in many wheat fields. To conserve water for the next crop and prevent weed seed production these weeds need to be controlled. Weed seed poses a threat to following crops in that field. The key is to allow the weeds to recover some [...]

By~Brian Mitchem Beans Recent rains across the area have improved the heath and the yield outlook for the soybean crop. With most of the crop planted in late May the August moisture will allow the crop to have a potentially strong finish. Most area fields have held adequate pods and numbers of beans in pods [...]

Day 1 is in the books for the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour! Great day… warm to hot… wind blowing… no rain! It was perfect for scouts… not so good for the corn and soybean crops. It was a weird day. I followed a route from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to Grand Island, Nebraska, that [...]

From the Rows with Brian Grete The 2016 Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour kicked off this morning in Dublin, Ohio, (a suburb of Columbus) and had scouts sampling corn and soybean fields along 12 designated routes to Fishers, Indiana (a suburb of Indianapolis). My route took me northwest out of Dublin. We made three stops in [...]

By~ Amy Hayes Waterhemp, one of the most common weeds in the Midwest, has finally shown its ugly face in northwest Ohio. About two years ago we started finding plants here and there, numbers increased last year, and erupted this year. This IS NOT a weed to take lightly. If you thought marestail was an [...]

By~Alex Fullenkamp In the geography I cover, the year started out excellent.  Emergence and plant health were both excellent.  Unfortunately since then the crop went through a very hot and dry time period.  We’ve since gotten some very nice rains, but for many fields it is just too late.  The soybeans still have a great [...]

Putnam County Corn Summary: The field had very small diameter stalks and could have problems in the wind. Yield looks like 100 bushels per acre. There was tip-back, aborted ears, smut, GLS and signs of very dry conditions. Soybean Summary: The beans were 32 inches tall and the plants had aborted a few pods. The [...]

The 2016 growing season started wet and cool then turned hot and dry in many areas — a classic worst-case scenario for corn and soybeans. There were certainly some examples that showed up in fields on the 2016 I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour displaying evidence of those challenging conditions. But, at the same time, we saw [...]